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11-23-2008, 03:25 PM
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1/ I would tell the D to stop trying to make the big one time breakout breakaway pass, these have rarely worked and disrupt the flow of play. I don't have the stats but I'd be willing to bet we're near the lead in number of icings against. This pass worked early in the season but teams expect it now and the best we hope for is to knife the puck in and be able to be in with a strong forecheck.

2/ No more dipsy doodle backhand passes at the blue line (ours or theirs). Teams expect in now and are poaching resulting in too many odd many rushes.

3/ Just for fun (cause nothing else is working) but BGL on the PP and put him in front of the net. Teams now are defending us by collapsing in front and allowing the perimeter shot, which is low percentage. Putting BGL in front would force teams to try and move him and may create another penalty and create a bit more space at the point or high slot depending on how we're moving the puck.

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