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11-23-2008, 05:18 PM
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Drafting College Players

The habs have a very good sense of drafting, we've seen them in the last few years get players that are already the core of the team and they will be complimented by future picks and current prospects yet to make the cut. The thing that worries me(slightly) is drafting out of the NCAA. Obviously the tactic from drafting from collehe hockey is it gives the canadiens an extra few years to evalute a player, let him develop and sign the player as opposed to CHL where they have to be signed after 2 years. We see it right now going on with fischer(who probably won't be signed at the end of this year) and other college prospects. So whats the problem? Well, it isn't a big problem, not at all, I find it an excellent drafting technique especially considering there's a signed player limit for NHL teams, so not wasting your roster spots and having more time to evaluate a player and have him develop outside of your organization only amplifies that when they come to the pros they are more NHL ready and there isn't a space wasted for a long term project. However, as small as this may be, it bothered me when Komisarek lost to Lucic, and why did he lose?(besides that Lucic is a tough M.F. even if he'd lose to laraque) Probably from being in college. There's no fighting in college and komi clearly didn't have the background of fighting of a Lucic type. I realize this isn't a major thing, but at the same time, when we draft more physical tough players, is the college route the wrong place to look. It's been said the WHL is much more physically tough than the QMJHL for example, I wonder how much of a difference it is compared to college. It isn't everything, but to me, it's starting to feel like a similar concept to the emelin playing a NA game in Russia. The whole doesn't max his development issue. I'm not saying they shouldn't have drafted who they have drafted, I like who we have on the team and in the system, I just ask myself and obviously, you, if more physical players should be drafted in a market where they trive, as good as emelin is for instance, would we have been better off drafting a slightly less rated prospect in the same mold that is in a better environment. It's no secret the habs say they always go for the best pick/player available, but at what point is the BPA not worth drafting because he's not in the best league available for his development?(assuming he intends to stay in that league/market).

This can easily be shot down, but I'm kind of bringing it out there for discussion, rather than rejection or approval. Just food for thought.

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