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07-14-2004, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Egil
You then, on top of overpaying the player, need to shell out 5 first round draft picks, a considerable price, to get the player.
And then on top of that, all your other RFAs will be covetously eyeing that contract. Perhaps even as an arbitration comparable. This is what leads to the unwritten rules. It is destructive and foolishly inflationary. No collusion needed to see it.

Sure I would trade 5 1st rounders for Thornton. But if we offered him $6mil a year, it might be only 4 first rounders. But no one would make the mistake of making an offer sheet in an attempt to out bid or pay more than market value because it affects all their other RFAs. RFA offer sheets are only now for if the rightsholding team is trying to offer less than market value and another team is willing to pay it.

Teams match because the 5 1st rounders isnt that much. What if it was your last 3 and your next 2 instead?

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