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Originally Posted by Johnny Drama View Post
I'm not even going to bother re-posting what I already said in another thread where another BOSTON poster posted the video in a MONTREAL thread.

Post 138.

It's not even the same situation and it's not about class it is about respect and backing your **** up... if you're going to act like your a heavyweight then expect to fight a heavyweight.
So then if you beat up one Mike Komisarek, you're suddenly a heavy?

Lucic is what he is, a potential heavy once he gets some experience under his belt. Right now he isn't in Laraques class and has done nothing to make anyone think he is. He managed to hang in tough with Ivanans and Brookbank, got beat by Eskrine. Other then that its been all middle weights.

Perhaps this would work better if you clarified how Lucic "acted like a heavy weight". Right now, I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with "backing your **** up", but rather some Habs fans think they need to salvage some pride for Komisarek by sending out one of the best goons in the game to shadow a 20 year old sophmore. Komisarek doesn't need your help to make good, he already did that and unforunatly got injured, but did it all the same.

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