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11-24-2008, 12:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Kaoz View Post
Yea that's probably how I would reply to that video of BGL doing the exact same thing that Lucic did that everyone here is taking exception to and calling a lack of class.

Sorry dude, the class argument is out the window.

What is left after that?

Bruins fans know BGL could likely win a fight with Looch? Yea likely so, most rational B's fans agree.

Lucic didn't fight BGL last night? Ah yer, Julien told him not to (then was smart enough to fill the press in about this strategy after the game) likely for the above reason and the fact that we were in your barn playing a very important divisional game. Lucic losing a fight to BGL is exactly how you guys would want to start the game, but not the way we would want.

Lucic needs to man up and fight Laraque? Pfft, no he doesn't. BGL has done nothing to warrant that fight, there is no history there. In fact, Looch would be stupid to take the guy off the ice for 5 minutes. We like seeing him on the top line.

Bruins fans were pissed Komi ducked Looch for so long, now they're hypocrites! Totally ignoring the fact that Lucic has never been as bad at hockey as BGL currently is, Komi and Lucic did some things that perpetrated this fight. Also, neither Komi or Looch would be considered heavy wieght goon enforcers... Laraque is. Add in the fact that Lucic and Komisarek jawed at each other for an entire season, and it meant a lot more then Laraque/Lucic. Aside from all that, many Bruins fans also clamored for it in part because they had to listen to how Komisarek fought guys like Brashear so he was definitely tougher then Lucic. Most Bruins fans are smart enough to realize Looch will likely lose to BGL, and therefore shouldn't go with him when momentum is still a likely deciding factor in the game.
Didnt the Bruins fan calling Komisarek a ***** because he never wants to go fight Lucic or whoever. Habs fans respond that Komisarek is too important for the team to sit in the bench for 5 min. Now that Lucic has chickened out against Laraque, he is now the smartest guy on earth. Those Bruins fans are funny.

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