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11-24-2008, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by IrishSniper87 View Post
If Kolb had a good game, then of course Andy would act differently.

You need to realize that coachs make decisions that are ALL gambles. Some moves end up looking good when they work, others look dumb when they fail.
I do realize it and am never hesitant to give credit where it's due. Had the game yesterday been more out-of-reach at the half -- and against a less terrorizing defense -- I would have been more likely to agree with the decision. I liked the fat man finally showing some balls, but it wasn't the right time to make that move (and that's excluding the fact that Kolb has NEVER taken reps with the first team).

Back to the press conference...

It's just the way that Andy said it with such conviction that I found amusing, as if anyone is really going to be fooled into thinking McNabb is still actually the QB for this team. The guy's career as a Philadelphia Eagle ends in five games. Even when the contrary is blatantly obvious, Andy still tries to treat the media and public like a bunch of imbeciles. I feel for Donovan in this situation -- he knows he's a lame duck and will basically just be auditioning for other teams the rest of the season.

Looking forward to more hilariously bad play-calling on Thursday, the inevitable wrath of the crowd, and whatever post-game vitriol is sure to ensue. Oh, joy!

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