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11-25-2008, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by rician blast View Post
BoBerg, you stated "He should have started laying the body and/or giving it to the more skilled players after the whistle." Perhaps I read into what you meant by "giving it to the more skilled player" but it certainly did not seem like you were suggesting "chirping" as you now state or giving "a little shot". That would do nothing to disrupt Lucic and is not Laraques M.O. That's all I was getting at, that he was out there to disrupt Lucic, if he could get him off for 5 minutes, great, but the Habs didn't want to risk being short-handed either...tight intra-divisional game is not the time for that.

Most of us guys? I'm not a Habs fan. I'm a B's fan, and I watch the B's and attend games the first period Lucic did look off his game, so I think the tactic worked for a period of time. Also, let's remember that Lucic's goal was scored with George on the bench. Again, I was simply responding to what sounded like you were suggesting he go after skill players to coax Lucic in.

Sorry I called you clueless and called you "bro" which you seemed to be especially bothered by.
If you guys are going to argue amongst yourselves, maybe you should take to a more appropriate forum, like, oh, I dunno, the bruins' board? Someplace where you can discuss the finer points of cheapshots, 26 years of futility but how great you are now, Terry O'Reilly and your usual bruins topics.

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