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Originally Posted by HockeyF3ind View Post
I think some of you posters need an education on why habs fans cheer and jeer.

They are very passionate about their habs (probably because its the only really relevant sports franchise in the City/Province, unless you count the CFL, which I don't). As a result of their passion they attempt to get involved in the game ANYWAY they can. This includes cheering and jeering (which some of you lame brains call "booing").

Reasons why the habs might cheer/jeer a certain player.

1. Because he is talented and the fans know this so they jeer him when he touches the puck. This is not a sign of disrespect, on the contrary it most often an indication of talent, since the fans respect the player enough to think he's a threat and needs to be thrown off his game (like Crosby, Chara, or even Streit).

2. Because he has a history with the habs, and doesn't currently play for them. This can mean he is a former player (like Streit) and the crowd recognizes his absence, and when he comes back to Mtl, they let him know they know. This can also mean that the player was courted by the Habs but chose to play elsewhere (like Briere or Smyth). Once again the fans let him know they know.

3. Because the player is the goalie, and as a goalie has an instrumental importance in the outcome of the game and thus is a valid target to jeer, in hopes that will negatively affect his play.

4. Because a player makes a horrible mistake that costs the game and the fans who paid their hard earned money the chance to celebrate a victory of their beloved habs. (like O'Byrne)

I humbly suggest anyone who decides to lament about the conduct of Habs fans in the future because of their cheering or jeering should first recall these things I've listed here and make sure you aren't being a complete whiny crybaby ninny. Leave decorum for the office, in the arena I'll take my boisterous intense fans over polite prudish apathetic fans any day of the year and scoff at all those who feel otherwise.

And to be honest if a player can't take the jeering then he doesn't deserve to play in the NHL, making millions of dollars and being the focal point of millions of peoples attention. You guys gotta take a step back and realize how absurd you all sound. "BOO ****IN HOO for O'Byrne, he ****ed up 40K+ peoples day and they let him know that." Most likely, he'll go console himself driving his luxury car, and boning whatever perfect 10 chick (that all you overly sensitive posters could only dream of getting) he happens to be sleeping with at the moment. Save your pity and concern for people who actually need it....

You obviously have a lot of unresolve issue with the professionnal players... I personnally think that jeering is not constructive, your 4 points make sense in some way, I wouldn't waste energy for point 1 & 2, and when I go to the bell center, I'm not apathetic, and I'm passionate, but I beleive that we jeer too much, we do it so often, that it doesn't work in the favor of our team anymore...

Maybe it's time for me to say good bye to hfboards as it seems there is no respect for different opinion anymore on this board!!

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