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11-25-2008, 01:51 PM
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O'Byrne is not lazy or heartless. If Brisebois(and we know he's capable of it) made a cross-ice pass that would've been intercepted and the guy went on a breakaway to score on Price, how would that been any different?

What about the boneheaded Maxime Lapierre pass in the first period that gave an open net to an Isles player(but he missed). The only difference with O'Byrne's goal is that he shot it directly to the net. But the result is the same.

If we're really contenders anyway, why do we care about 1 point lost against the Isles? It's not even funny how fans in Montreal are completely clueless. Sure I swore right after it happened, but 1min later I got over it.

And there's another thing that bugged me yesterday. Ryder, Samsonov, Theodore, all ex-habs that deserves to be booed entirely but Mark Streit? He wanted to play here, and Gainey let him walk. Here's our #4 defenseman that we let walk when we could have signed him. It's our mistake, and on top of that, we boo him?

Don't get me wrong, be a fan of your team, but have some loyalty toward our players and those that wants to be part of our team but were rejected by the GM. Especially when the GM made a mistake like in Streit's case.

I cheered last year in the playoffs when someone poured beer over Richards. I didn't care when Weekes had a banana thrown at him. I don't care about players of opposing teams, and what happens to them. But have some respect for our players and our ex-players that deserves it(Zednik, Streit).

And i'm not the kind of fan that will sit down on his ass and clap once in a while. I've actually tried to start fight in the stand with Leafs fan once. I have a boiling attitude, but Jesus... some loyalty to our team!

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