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11-26-2008, 01:26 AM
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Worst Montreal Canadien of Recent History (Round 1)

In honor of a recent thread with the best 100 Canadiens of all time, I am opening a poll to figure out the worst Montreal Canadien of recent history.

I did far more research than I would like to admit. So here is my criteria:

-Must have played between 1984-85 and today (IE: Koivu & Roy's current career span combined)
-Only Montreal stats, regular season, count.
-Must have played 20 or more games for Montreal.

Now, like the prospect polls, I will nominate 15 guys, but post more players here. In each poll "other" is an option. If other wins, then I will figure out who the heck was gathering those votes and redo that round with them in it.

I will post the list of nominees I came up with in full, including career Habs stats, in the subject thread.

My nominations are based on actual statistical badness, my own memory and in some cases, popular demand. The actual nominees will be at my discretion to start.

Poll closes in two days.

Here is the list:

Pierre Sevigny (F)
GP 75, 4g, 5a, 9p, 64pim

Randy Mckay (F)
GP 75, 6g, 13a, 19p, 72pim

Sergei Samsonov (F)
GP 63, 9g, 17a, 26p, 10pim

Juha Lind (F)
GP 60, 4g, 6a, 10p, 8pim

Mariusz Czerkawski (F)
GP 43, 5g, 9a, 14p, 16pim

Jonas Hoglund (F)
GP 102, 14g, 15a, 29p, 22pim

Matt Higgins (F)
GP 57, 1g, 2a, 3p, 6pim

Andre Bashkirov (F)
GP 30, 0g, 3a, 3p, 0pim

Johan Witehall (F)
GP 26, 1g, 1a, 2p, 6pim

Garth Murray (F)
GP 80, 7g, 2a, 9p, 76pim

Niklas Sundstrom (F)
GP 154, 19g, 30a, 49p

Pierre Dagenais (F)
GP 82, 23g, 17a, 39p, 40pim

Jason Ward (F)
GP 105, 10g, 10a, 20p, 43pim

Donald Audette (F)
GP 90, 15g, 22a, 37p, 43pim

Sergei Berezin (F)
29, 3g, 6a, 10p, 4pim

Trent McCleary (F)
GP 58, 1g, 0a, 1p, 33pim

Jason Dawe (F)
GP 37, 4g, 5a, 9p, 14pim

Sebastien Bordeleau (F)
GP 85, 8g, 17a, 25p, 38pim

Mick Vukota (F)
GP 22, 0g, 0a, 0p, 76pim

Marko Kiprusoff (D)
GP 24, 0g, 4a, 8p, 8pim

Bryan Fogarty (D)
GP 34, 6g, 4a, 10p, 44pim

Patrick Traverse (D)
GP 109, 4g, 19a, 23p, 48pim

Christian Laflamme (D)
GP 54, 0g, 5a, 5p, 50pim

Brett Clark (D)
GP 102, 3g, 2a, 5p, 36pim

Ryan O'Byrne (D)
GP 50, 1g, 9a, 10p, 61pim

Janne Niinimaa (D)
GP 41, 0g, 3a, 3p, 36pim

Ron Hainsey (D)
GP 32, 1g, 1a, 2p, 4pim

Miloslav Guren (D)
GP 36, 1g, 3a, 4p, 16pim

Barry Richter (D)
GP 25, 0g, 2a, 2p, 10pim

Igor Ulanov (D)
GP 123, 4g, 15a, 19p, 197pim

Zarley Zalapski (D)
GP 28, 1g, 5a, 6p, 22pim

Scott Lachance (D)
GP 74, 1g, 7a, 8p, 33pim

Andre Racicot (G)
GP 68, S% .880, 26-23-8

Steve Penney (G)
GP 76, S% .865, 32-30-10

David Aebischer (G)
GP 39, S% .898, 17-15-3

A note here, statistically at least, some of these guys are not quite as bad as we seem to remember. Dagenais, Aebischer, Traverse, Samsonov, etc. Now that's just statistically. So yeah... but still.

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