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11-26-2008, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Sundevil9 View Post
Since when? Besides the rare time CSN releases/shares their feed with Center Ice?

I lived in Center City for years and Comcast was not available on my side of the street, the apartment management comapany went with DirecTV to provide their tenants with TV service. Even with Center Ice living in Philly I missed most Flyers games. Blacked out in my area because I didn't have Comcast(through no fault of my own). I was thrilled when games were on UPN that were a part of the DirecTV package.

I have been "Out of Market" with Center Ice for about 10 years that I was not in Philly. I get maybe 4-5 games with a Philly feed. I cannot understand Comcast's marketing strategy.......screw everybody that supports our teams and company, but you have to live in Philly and subscribe to Comcast???

Sorry to crazy rant about this, but it's been a huge issue for me for years. I don't know how to wrestle this power from some *******s that are not willing to listen to the people. I am still furious and I don't even live in Philly anymore. I get to see every Flyers game now that I am "out of market" again.

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