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11-26-2008, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
Wow i can't belive the comments here, just look at Souray's numbers before he turned it up a notch

1997-98 New Jersey Devils NHL 60 3 7 10
1998-99 New Jersey Devils NHL 70 1 7 8
1999-00 New Jersey Devils NHL 52 0 8 8
1999-00 Montreal Canadiens NHL 19 3 0 3
2000-01 Montreal Canadiens NHL 52 3 8 11
2001-02 Montreal Canadiens NHL 34 3 5 8

He was devoloped into the shooter he is now, as i've said numerous times, OUR PP SUCKS, WE ARE 23RD IN THE LEAGUE AND NOW WITH NOTHING TO LOSE Why not try Geoges? If it doesn't work, it doesn't. But to say that it's not even worth it, well that's ignorance at it's highest level. We need a shooter, Sergei doesn't cut it.
That's a common trend among fans. They tend to forget what the players were before they hit the limelight, forget that those players were also regarded as not being capable of doing, until they prove otherwise.

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