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11-26-2008, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
yeah, and the Wings had so much grit and sandpaper last year

Did you at least watch the last game against the Ruins? The Habs dominated physically. Sigh.
Yes the wings had much grit and sandpaper, but maybe not in the sense I was refering to (my bad), therefore our divergence.

To me, grit and sandpaper is not always related to physicality the way you seem to suggest. The wings were awsome at accepting hits to make a play, blocking shots, no nonsense plays, crashing the net, etc, all those type of plays players like Kosto does, but with more talent than Kosto himself (that's what I was refering to when writing about players like Tremblay, Risebrough, etc.)

Proof is, yeah, Habs dominated the Bruins physically, but how? To me, it looked like they did it only by hits given. But what about the hits taken to make a play, the sacrifice needed to make the right pass or to take out of the d-zone? The puck taken to the ankle because crashing the net? etc. In those area, I'm not sure they dominated the Bruins that much. And even if they did dominate, maybe the fact that those type of plays are not their real talent make that it's not enough to win.

I'm not asking Hab's players to change. I do think they can play with enough grit given the type of player they are. I'm saying we lack "good" player for whom that type of game IS their talent.

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