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11-26-2008, 04:09 PM
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Interesting article about the Canadians, specially the implications for Weber and Streit.
Unfortunately (for non french speaking people) it is in french.

It talks about Canadian's PP, 1st team last year and 23rd so far this year. Of course a specific situation for some players explain that but we could consider that Streit had a good value added in this PP team.
again in french ... expresses some regrets about Streit and suggests another swiss player, Weber not to name him, could be promoted to the NHL.
To add some more elements.

These are only journalists views ... however it highlights the good job these two swiss players are delivering.

When was the last time that swiss players were involved for such a situation for an NHL club ??? never ! that bodes well for our national hockeyistique future.

Congrats guys !!

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