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11-26-2008, 05:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Legionnaire View Post
Who else knew Boyle was going to be out? Come one all of you, raise your hands.
Of course he is, although Armstrong was even worse last night and would have had the same amount of penalties if the refs had caught his double-minor high stick on Phaneuf.

Against Edmonton, there is no reason for Ivanans in the lineup. Greene or O'Donnell can more than adequately hug it out with Stortini.


That's what I would do for tonight. Might not be ideal but either are the two weak-ass lines TM will be rolling after the Top 2.

Boyle is never going to make it as a 4th line plugger working with two guys like Armstrong and Ivanans. He has offensive skill but needs someone with good offensive skill to work with as well. Frolov seems to make every line better when he's on it so why not use him to try and jump-start Boyle?

Calder is an anchor on every line he is on so go ahead and throw him on the line you don't expect to score anyways. If Simmonds earns it and Richardson isn't playing well, then move Simmonds up and put Richardson down to the 4th.

Either way, this idea that Ivanans can skate a regular shift is a joke. If he could skate a regular shift, he wouldn't have to take so many lazy penalties. Guy sure can a straight line. It's just too bad that hockey has all that darn turning as well as stopping and starting. He looked a lot better when the majority of the rest of the team sucked as well but now that this team finds itself in a lot of 1-goal games, I can't cut him slack anymore by saying "he skates well for a tough guy."

I'm inclined to believe that the fix is still in every time I see him out there against the other teams top lines AT STAPLES in a 1-goal game with 5 minutes in the 3rd.

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