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07-15-2004, 09:22 PM
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Evaluate the rangers rebuilding

How do u guys think sather is doing on the rebuilding? Pls dont look back in the past and say i hate sather so i will bash him on everything. I want you guys to look back no further of this march.

Lets go over the past few months.
-Rangers get balej and 2nd round pick (Graham) for kovy. (WOW)
-Ranger pick up a pretty big load of prospects from trading there underachieving players. (Leach trade sure did benefit us) (Awsome)
- Rangers hadan unbelievable draft. They pick up an awsome goalie in montoya and one of the best finish forwards Korpikoski, in the draft. Also picking up a big steal in the 2nd round (Graham). Good job by the scouting staff.
-The new preseason schedule. Now that might not be much, but i think it was a great idea to put these kids on the road. I could really help the kids to get to know each other. alsd its a dramatic improvement from last years schedule.
-New assistant coaches: Peam and Allaire. Rangers decided to improve wat they been lacking most. Our special teams should definately get a big boost with Peam. As for allarie. Its about time! Rangers didn't even have a goalie coach b4 this. And to pick one as good as he is just gives me a feeling that our goalies are gonna strive.

overall i am very much impressed with the rangers performance of this rebuilding.

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