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2011/12 Season
Mar 21/12SignedJoe CannataSigned to an ELC.Link

Oct 22/11AcquiredDavid Booth, Steven Reinprecht, 2013 3rd RD Link
 TradedMikael Samuelsson, Marco SturmTo Florida 
Feb 27/12AcquiredZach Kassian, Marc-Andre Gragnani Link
 TradedCody Hodgson, Alexander SulzerTo Buffalo 
Feb 27/12AcquiredSamuel Pahlsson Link
 TradedTaylor Ellington, 2012 4th RD, 2012 4th RD (NYI)To Columbus 
Feb 27/12AcquiredAndrew Gordon Link
 TradedSebastian ErixonTo Anaheim 

2011 Off-Season
Jun 27/11Re-signedKevin BieksaRe-signed to a 5 year/$23,000,000 contract with a NTC.Link
Jun 27/11Re-signedMaxim LapierreRe-signed to a 2 year/$2,000,000 contract.Link
Jun 27/11Qualifying offerJannik HansenQualifying offer tended.Link
Jun 27/11Qualifying offerVictor OreskovichQualifying offer tended.Link
Jun 27/11Qualifying offerSergei ShirkovQualifying offer tended.Link
Jun 28/11Re-signedAndrew AlbertsRe-signed to a 2 year/$2,450,000 contract.Link
Jul 1/11Re-signedSami SaloRe-signed to a 1 year/$2,000,000 contract.Link
Jul 1/11Re-signedChris HigginsRe-signed to a 2 year/$3,800,000 contract.Link
Jul 1/11ReleasedNolan BaumgartnerBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/11ReleasedColby GenowayBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/11ReleasedTanner GlassBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/11ReleasedNathan PaetschBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/11ReleasedRick RypienBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/11ReleasedJeff TambelliniBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/11ReleasedRaffi TorresBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/11ReleasedTyler WeimanBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/11ReleasedAlex BolducBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/11ReleasedGuillaume DesbiensBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/11ReleasedMario BliznakBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/11ReleasedMacGregor SharpBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/11ReleasedLee SweattBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/11SignedMark MancariSigned to a 1 year/$525,000 contract.Link
Jul 1/11SignedMarco SturmSigned to a 1 year/$2,250,000 contract.Link
Jul 1/11SignedAndrew EbbettSigned to a 1 year/$525,000 contract.Link
Jul 3/11SignedSteven PinizottoSigned to a 2-way/$600,000 contract.Link
Jul 7/11SignedAlexander SulzerSigned to a 2-way/$700,000 contract.Link
Jul 7/11SignedMatt ClimieSigned to a 2-way/$525,000 contract.Link
Jul 25/11SignedByron BitzSigned to a 2-way/$700,000 contract.Link
Jul 28/11Re-signedJannik HansenRe-signed to a 3 year/$4,050,000 contract.Link
Aug 4/11SignedOwen NolanSigned to a professional tryout contract.Link
Aug 4/11SignedTodd FedorukSigned to a professional tryout contract.Link
Sep 1/11SignedSteve BeginSigned to a professional tryout contract.Link
Sep 1/11SignedManny LegaceSigned to a professional tryout contract.Link
Sep 8/11SignedVictor OreskovichRe-signed to a 1 year/$605,000 2-way contract.Link
Sep 22/11SignedNicklas JensenSigned to a 3 year entry-level contract.Link
Sep 22/11SignedFrank CorradoSigned to a 3 year entry-level contract.Link
Oct 4/11ClaimedDale WeiseClaimed from waivers.Link

June 28/11Acquired2012 4th RD Link
 TradedChristian EhrhoffTo New York (I) 
Jul 9/11AcquiredRights to Mike Duco Link
 TradedRights to Sergei ShirokovTo Florida 

2011 NHL Draft
Round Player PositionTeam/SchoolThread
Round 1 (29th overall)Nicklas JensenLW/RWOshawa [OHL]Link
Round 3 (71st overall)David HonzikGVictoriaville [QMJHL]Link
Round 3 (90th overall)Alexandre GrenierRWHalifax [QMJHL]Link
Round 4 (101st overall)Joseph LabateCHoly Angels [High-MN]Link
Round 4 (120th overall)Ludwig BlomstrandLWDjurgarden Jr. [SWE-JR]Link
Round 5 (150th overall)Frank CorradoDSudbury [OHL]Link
Round 6 (180th overall)Pathrik WesterholmRWMalmo [SWEDEN-2]Link
Round 7 (210th overall)Henrik TommernesDFrolunda [SWEDEN]Link

2010/11 Season
Date.........Move...... Individual...........SummaryThread
May 26/11SignedSteven AnthonySigned to an ELC.Link
Apr 19/11SignedSebastian ErixonSigned to an ELC.Link
Apr 4/11SignedAdam PolasekSigned to an ELC.Link
Feb 7/11ReleasedAndrew PetersWaived and released.Link
Jan 14/11ReleasedJonas AnderssonWaived and released.Link
Dec 12/10SignedDarren ArchibaldSigned a 3 year/entry level contract.Link
Nov 27/10ReleasedPeter SchaeferWaived and released.Link
Oct 7/10SignedPeter SchaeferSigned a 1 year/$600,000 2-way contract.Link

Oct 7/10AcquiredNathan Paetsch Link
 TradedSean ZimmermanTo Florida 
Feb 28/11AcquiredChristopher Higgins Link
 TradedEvan Oberg, 2011 3rd RDTo Florida 
Feb 28/11AcquiredMaxim Lapierre, MacGregor Sharp Link
 TradedJoel Perrault, 2013 3rd RDTo Anaheim 

Date.........Move...... Individual...........SummaryThread

2010 Off-Season
May 26/10SignedYann SauveSigned a 3 year entry level contract.Link
May 30/10SignedChris TanevSigned a contract.Link
Jun 1/10SignedAnton RodinSigned a 3 year entry level contract.Link
Jun 2/10Re-signedCory SchneiderRe-signed to a 2 year/~$2 million contract.Link
Jun 2/10SignedPeter AnderssonSigned to a 3 year entry level contract.Link
Jun 15/10Re-signedAaron RomeRe-signed to a 2 year/$1,500,000 deal.Link
Jun 28/10Qualifying offerMason RaymondQualifying offer tended.Link
Jun 28/10Qualifying offerShane O'BrienQualifying offer tended.Link
Jun 28/10Qualifying offerJannik HansenQualifying offer tended.Link
Jun 28/10Qualifying offerTanner GlassQualifying offer tended.Link
Jun 28/10Qualifying offerAlexandre BolducQualifying offer tended.Link
Jun 28/10Qualifying offerEric WalskyQualifying offer tended.Link
Jun 28/10Qualifying offerSean ZimmermanQualifying offer tended.Link
Jul 1/10ReleasedPavol DemitraBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/10ReleasedRyan JohnsonBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/10ReleasedBrad LukowichBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/10ReleasedWillie MitchellBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/10ReleasedLawrence NycholatBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/10ReleasedMatt PettingerBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/10ReleasedAndrew RaycroftBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/10ReleasedYan StastnyBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/10ReleasedKyle WellwoodBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/10ReleasedNathan McIverBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/10ReleasedMichael FunkBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/10ReleasedMatt PopeBecame UFA. 
Jul 1/10SignedJoel PerreaultSigned a 1 year/$510,000 contract.Link
Jul 1/10SignedManny MalholtraSigned a 3 year/$7,500,000 contract with NTC clause.Link
Jul 1/10SignedDan HamhuisSigned a 6 year/$27,000,000 contract with NTC clause.Link
Jul 1/10SignedJeff TambelliniSigned a 1 year/$500,000 2-way contract.Link
Jul 2/10Re-signedAlexandre BolducRe-signed to a 1 year/$500,000 2-way contract.Link
Jul 6/10Re-signedShane O'BrienAccepted his 1 year/$1,600,000 qualifying offer.Link
Jul 9/10Re-signedTanner GlassSigned a 1 year/$625,000 deal.Link
Jul 10/10SignedTyler WeimanSigned a 1 year/$500,000 2-way deal.Link
Jul 17/10Re-signedSean ZimmermanRe-signed to a 1 year/$500,000 2-way deal.Link
Jul 22/10Re-signedJannik HansenRe-signed to a 1 year/$825,000 1-way deal via arbitration.Link
Jul 26/10Re-signedMason RaymondRe-signed to a 2 year/$5,100,000 deal.Link
Jul 27/10Re-signedMario BliznakRe-signed to a 1 year/$550,000 deal.Link
Aug 19/10SignedBill SweattSigned to a 3 year/$2,700,000 ELC deal.Link
Aug 25/10SignedRaffi TorresSigned to a 1 year/$1,000,000 deal.Link

Oct 5/10AcquiredRyan Parent, Jonas Andersson Link
 TradedShane O'Brien, Dan GendurTo Nashville 
Oct 6/10AcquiredAndrew Peters Link
 TradedDarcy HordichukTo Florida 

Date.........Move...... Individual...........SummaryThread
Jun 1/10ResignedScott MelanbyResigns as scout to become assistant coach with St. Louis effective July 15/10.Link
Jun 22/10ReleasedIan ClarkeLet go as goalie coachLink
Jun 22/10HiredRoland Melanson Hired as goalie coach.Link
Jul 21/10HiredNeil Komadoski Hired as a scout.Link
Aug 3/10HiredNewell BrownHired as assistant coach.Link
Aug 3/10ExtendedRick BownessExtended as assistant coach.Link
Aug 3/10ExtendedDarryl WilliamsExtended as video coach.Link
Aug 3/10ReleasedRyan WalterReleased as assistant coach.Link

2010 NHL Draft
Round Player PositionTeam/SchoolThread
Round 4 (115th overall)Patrick McNallyDMilton Academy [High-Ma]Link
Round 5 (145th overall)Adam PolasekDPEI [QMJHL]Link
Round 6 (172rd overall)Alex FriesenCNiagra [OHL]Link
Round 6 (175th overall)Jonathan IilahtiGBlues Jr [Finland-Jr]Link
Round 7 (205th overall)Sawyer HannayDHalifax [QMJHL]Link

Jun 25/10AcquiredKeith Ballard, Victor Oreskovich Link
 TradedSteve Bernier, Michael Grabner, 2010 1st RD pickTo Florida 

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