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11-27-2008, 07:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Psycho Papa Joe View Post
Point taken, but I think generally, former players who make good coaches were hard workers, regardless of their talent level. Coming into the NHL Breezy was a hell of a talent, and IMO he never lived up to said talent. He looked as good as Desjardins coming into the NHL, but I never saw Breezy as the hardest worker out there, and therefore I think there's less likelyhood of him becoming a good coach. For instance, I think a guy like Bouillon, who is a very hard worker, but had far less talent than Breezy, might make a better coaching candidate down the road.
It's all about what sort of eye you have for the game. Some guys can just see the game and their own body can't adjust to it. I can see how you'd think the hard workers make the best coaches, as a lot of utility players do end up becoming coaches. However, I think that just comes with the territory that a hard working hockey player always wants to be involved with the game, and if he can't perform on the ice anymore, he wants to perform as close to it as possible.

I have no idea if Brisebois *wants* to be a coach, but if he did, I doubt that his teams defence would start playing like him.

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