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11-27-2008, 08:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
With all the d-men prospects coming soon, it would be a total nonsense to not have a d-men coach. I've been saying that for 2 years and most people in here keep saying it as well. It makes no sense to put all that emphasis on the draft if you'll fail at developing those guys after. It would be prefered to have a scout who would actually be responsible to visit our d-men in the teams they're playing for right now without being in the way of the coaching staff that our guys are playing for. Then in Hamilton and in Montreal, you need somebody who could help those guys as well.

If they don't want to use a full-time guy, so be it. But at least, have a part-time one who'll give his pointers from time to time. He's probably be not ready yet but Joel Bouchard loves to teach, has a passion for it, and could help. Another guy who could help without being a d-man but that has a great mind for hockey, is Dany Dubé. Honestly while all people keep wanting for him to be an analyst on TV instead of Brunet and so on....honestly who cares.....The guy should be in an organization, teaching the kids and the players how to play hockey. Enough talking about it, start teaching it again. Might not only be for d-men, but even if they would ask him to concentrate on those guys, so be it. But Montreal has to recognize what this guy can to in an organization and that while we would lose a good analyst, we would gain a better team.

Other candidates could be Gaston Gingras who's already close to the org. I don't know how a guy like Stéphane Quintal could conduct himself and how good he could be as a teacher but since he'll be close to the Habs with the fact that he's going to manage the new practice facility, he could be an option too. At the very least, could give pointers as well. You don't necessarily need to have been the greatest to teach somebody. Quintal must have known everything he had to do to be great, he was just probably not able to execute it. But then, I don't know how good a teacher he can be.

Anyway, we need to start respecting the position a little more, and if a goalie coach is needed, a d-men coach is seriously needed as well. For a position that we keep hearing about the fact that a d-man development is always later than other players, you need somebody to guide you in that development.

Honestly, Habs are IMO missing the boat on this one. But there's time to do something about it. But the sooner the better, the prospects are coming.....
I also agree there should be a D coach but not Dany Dubé. Why would he be better than Doug Jarvis? Doug Jarvis wears many hats for the Habs, maybe too many. As you say, bring in someone exclusively for the D, especially help for their defensive play. But they need someone who has experience as a D and as a coach. This is not the point when you would want to bring in Joel Bouchard, who has no experience coaching at the big league level.

And Dany Dubé needs to replace Benoit Brunet now. I try to watch RDS but I keep switching to TSN because of Brunet. I can't believe I miss Pednault.

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