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Originally Posted by Gros Bill View Post
LOL, you were serious? There is risk of injury on each and every play in the NHL. It's obvious that players accept it. Trying to quantify that risk of injury (more so for one particular play) is a waste of time.
I don't see why we are arguing when we are basically saying the same thing. My point is that there are moves/hits that have the (hard to estimate) potential to injure the opponent, completely unintentional. The risk is there, sh.t happened and will happen again.

The difference with head hits is mainly in the risk percentage - some head hits (see Ruutu on Lapierre) do not end in injury but many do. More than for regular hits, like Stuart's.

Anyway - I'm not for restricting this kind of hits in anyway - it would lead to a low physical play that noone wants here.

In football there are several important injuries at each game, caused by perfectly legal moves and noone suggest changing them.

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