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11-27-2008, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I do not for one second believe that story. Still, if there was one guy I would not have thought he would have left the Dogs, it would have been Pavel Valentenko. We kept hearing from him how he liked it down there, how he didn't want to leave despite being cut and so on.....Things can happen pretty fast and we're not told everything.

But then, again, I don't believe the Kosty's story.
There's a huge difference between the two situations. Valentenko was living on a 3k per month salary while trying to support his family in Russia and knew his chances to come up to Montreal were slim in the immediate future. For him, it probably was a sacrifice he made, he was pragmatic about it, and maybe there were other things we didn't know about, if we also think of what happened with Emelin. Sometimes, people are put into situations that make them do things they don't want, for the sake of things much more important than hockey. I even think we might see Valentenko again here when his contract is up.

Whereas Akost has his wife and kid over here (and I think I also heard the bros brought their family, but I'm not sure about that one), he bought a house, he's earning 30k PER GAME (almost 500k per month of play), while his brother is making close to 7k per game (which adds up to almost 100k per month of play) and both have a spot on the team, garanteed because they perform.

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