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11-27-2008, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by shealy04 View Post
This is becoming such a joke I can't even believe it... how is a guy supposed to get better without playing his way through tough times? The kid hasn't even had a full season in the NHL yet and he is expected to be an ultra efficient dman already? How do you think Komo would be doing right now if he was cutting his teeth in the NHL when the Habs have all the expectations in the world during the 100th season (instead of when we were brutally awful). O'Byrne is never going to be able to develop if he gets unfairly scruntinized for every little mistake made in a game.

Breezer is better? Honestly, do you reallllly want Breezer in the lineup every night playing tough minutes against teams as the season wears on? Breezer is solid on the PP and that is about it... he's 1,000,000 years old and cannot be counted on to play the kind of hard nosed D it's going to take to go anywhere significant this season. No wonder Carbo keeps giving O'B solid minutes if out only other option is Breezer... that is not a good recipe for when games actually start counting.

The kid is young and is developing... and not at quite as slow of a rate as many on these boards seem to think. I worry about all of our good D prospects if they are going to be thrown under the bus once they make the team if they go through some growing pains.

Yeah he's supposed to play through hard times UNLESS:
he costs us a couple of places in the standings. Sorry if I expect my Montreal Canadiens to be a team ready to hoist the Cup (not calling them favourites, but contenders). We are NOT that team if we are still putting out a guy to give him training wheels. Those days are over. It's time for every guy to be dependable. He is NOT. If you think otherwise, seriously you have not been watching during the month of November. I am NOT in favour of letting him learn when games are on the line and as for Breezer, if you were objective, you would actually go past the same sort of bias that you think I have and see that he does complete the plays and for the most part has been dependable. More than O'bryne at least. Of course i'd RATHER have a fully developped Mcdonaugh, but that's not an option. Weber, maybe, but again we don't know whether he can handle the NHL yet. Carbo didn't put OB on the ice at the end of the game, so please, he does not have much confiance en lui when it matters. I like O'bryne, try to understand. I think he has potential (which he doesn't use at all...HIT once in awhile). Let that develop somewhere else, ie. Hamilton, and not on highlight reels.

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