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11-27-2008, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by BadHabit View Post
I would also bring it up with the usher in your section... I heard that they are quite helpful in these situations and don't put up with crap.
My brother and a friend brought an 8 year old to a football game in Winnipeg. Not knowing the satdium and what sections are known for what, he sat in what must be the area's Dodge City. It turned out to be unpleasant, the kid was subjected to some stuff that he shouldn't, some beer got spilled on them, etc. My brother's the type to handle these things quickly, but wasn't alone so....

He went to the ushers, who couldn't be bothered, in fact they were reluctant to get involved. He contacted the Bombers who admitted it was a prtoblem, sent him some free tickets, different section I assume, but I doubt that anything was adressed.

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