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11-27-2008, 05:07 PM
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Updated a lot more. I'm done virtually everything except the Canuck & Free Agency sections. I'll work on those over the next couple days as there will be a lot to catch up on. Only other thing is that some of the early links will need to be changed and other added in. I'll fix that once I'm done with the information part as that's more important right now.

If you see anything I seem to be missing other than from those 2 sections, let me know.

Originally Posted by AndHereWeGo View Post
Here's a good link for Canucks transactions including hirings, firings, and signings:
Great thanks.

Originally Posted by Tripwyre View Post
1) I'd go with a mix of both. Tables where it makes sense (Management and Draft Picks look very good), but Trades looks better as text. Less sloppy.
2) Again, it would be nice to have both. Maybe throw in a Thread banner next to Media, or put 'Link / Thread' under the media header. It's nice to have quick access to people's initial reactions. If sticknrink has taught us anything, it's that hindsight = humour.
1. For now I'm going to stick with just 1 style so it will have a more uniform look. I don't think the trade section looks that bad the way I've set it up.
2. Yeah. I decided to put in the news article with the date and the thread link will go in at the end.

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