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11-27-2008, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by vokiel View Post
Yes and what I'm saying is that the premise of the thread is flawed. Security would most probably not kick anyone out for yelling profanity. I quite frankly can't imagine that happening.

So the options are very limited here. You either ignore them, because this is a free country after all, or you just pick other activities where the level of decency is more equal to yours.

What I find ridiculous is the whole "movement" lately on the boards where a group of Fan X want to piss into the cornflakes of another group of Fan Y because of Z.

Tired of it, just going stop talking about it now.
Why wouldn't security throw them out? They threw my brother in law out of the Big O when he yelled " Raines goes better with Coke" for about three innings back when Raines was just out of detox.

So your position is that a man should not go to a hockey game with his son because some drunks have rights that supercede his? Let's see, the Habs go to great lengths to cater to the kids, they support minor hockey and promote their branding through kids as well as hit kids to buy their merchandise since no kid wants to be the only one without Habs gear. Then the dad spend money on two season tickets for his kid and himself to enjoy the centennial and be a part of history. But he has to shut up because the drunks rule? There is something wrong with your scenario buddy.

This is a free country and a guy should be able to take his son to a game without having to worry about abusive drunks who seem to have more rights than the other couple of hundred fans that attend the game immediately around them. Fascism is bullyism and that is what the issue is here. Those clowns think they won't be thrown out so they do what they want. To suggest that a dad and his kid are displaying fascism because they object to this behaviour is stupid and the fact that you are the only one condoning their behaviour supports that you are completely and utterly wrong.

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