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11-28-2008, 10:44 AM
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First off, I don't think the Habs PP isn't good anymore because Streit is gone. Our PP has players who were forces on the the PP that were there before Streit, before Souray and they managed to finish 5th in that category without using these two players. Its an oversimplisitc logic to think Streit gone is the reason for the bad PP. I think it has rather to do with our players not being in synch, not getting the lucky bounces and opposing team being more aware of the Habs' formula. The PP will get better, and has good as it was, without Streit, I have no doubt about it. When you spend two seasons being #1 in that category, you're bound to hit a slump one day or another.

Secondly, I don't think we would be as good at 5-on-5 with Streit in the line-up, as he was our worst player at even strenght last season. Even strenght play is way more important than the PP.

Thirdly, I've always been a big fan of Streit, a big fan of most Habs that are capable of good play, but besides his many good qualities, he did have his shortcomings. No matter what Whitesnake says, saying Streit wasn't good defensively, that he wasn't strong enough on the puck and not strong enough along the boards in the defensive territory, that he was a penalty-taking machine (he should've had almost 5 penalties last monday), is not blowing things out of proportion.

The thing to really consider is that he was not what this team needs. He's a left handed shot and besides the PP, he was not good playing on the opposite side in his own zone. We needed someone more physical and more apt defensively. Developing O'Byrne, to me, is the right solution. They will eventually get the PP going and find someone to replace Streit, its just a matter of molding the player (SKost or AKost or Gorges) who will seem more likely to do the job.

If we had Streit, we wouldn't have Lang. And I'm pretty happy we have Lang instead. A big right-handed centerman who is producing well with the team and offers us three full top lines on offense.

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