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11-28-2008, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by BBrowser View Post
1- I watch, play and coach hockey, I don't just read stats.
2- I agree he's a good hitter and a good shooter. He is really good once the play is stable in either zone. It's the transition game, neutral zone play and forecheck he sucks at.
3- He looks like he's working hard (and he 100% is), because of his poor skating skills.
4- His +- are improving because the team is, and he spent half the games with Tanguay and Koivu..

I say he's had his chance, and is good trade bait because of his size, age and stats.
1 - Latendresse is the fourth leading scorer amongst his draft class. Why should the team give up on him at this early point?
2 - He's producing some decent offence this season. He has one less point than SKost in 3 fewer games and one more point than AKost in one fewer game. Can those two guys keep up in the new NHL?
3 - Latendresse has improved in his physicality, skating and defensive awareness since last year. He's going to the net much more this year, and using his body better there. It hasn't led to a slew of goals yet, but it's a positive sign.
4 - He is 21 years old. If anybody thinks that he has shown everything that he has to offer the team with regards to his potential, then that person is an idiot.
5 - Gui's attitude and maturity have apparently improved vastly this year. That is another positive sign.
6 - For all of the complaints about his skating, people don't seem to realize that it's mainly his positioning and choice of lanes that he has to work on. That is something that is learned, quickly by some, not as quickly by others. His decision making is something that is starting to happen more quickly on the ice, so it shouldn't be too much longer before he's putting himself in the right spot on the ice to make plays more often than not.

What else can people want from him? He's steadily and slowly progressing every year. To say that the Habs should cut bait with him is a grossly misinformed opinion as far as I'm concerned.

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