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11-28-2008, 11:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post wouldn't be the first time that a coach doesn't have any confidence in a player to then see the said player going elsewhere and be a better player. It's not because Carbo made the mistake to put him there and he was a forward as well? I can call Streit a d-man 'cause that's what he was all of his life, and that's what he's showing he is this year. Anybody who have some time to spare can watch some games he's playing and will see that this guy IS a d-man. Is 4 millions too much? Of course it is. I'M personnally talking about the 2/2.5 he was asking for around Christmas. When Gainey gave Dandenault his 1.7, did he thought that he was giving that to a 4th line forward? How about giving a 2/2.5 to a guy like Streit instead that with a little more confidence, would have shown that he's more than capable to be a #4 d-man/PP specialist.

Again, people are overblowing how bad a d-man he was when he actually wasn't that bad. Carbo didn't like him.....doesn't mean that a coach is always right 'cause if they were, they weren't be fired....

And honestly this whole "He would not have been doing this here" can never be proved. If some people cannot prove that he would be as succesful, how can we prove that he wouldn't be? How do we know that he would not have steal that #4, how do we know that Grabs would not have been able to take Pleks job in the 2nd line? We will never know either way.
At the end of the day if you want to blame anybody, blame Crabo...Gainey was not going to give a big contract to a guy his own coach would not use on defense. Getting Tanguay, Streit was out of room up front also.

I think saying that the PP suddenly sucks because Streit is gone is oversimplification.
The Habs have lacked finish for weeks, not only on PP but 5 on 5.

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