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11-28-2008, 11:45 AM
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Disregard the 5 straight 11+ win seasons, 4 straight NFC Championship Games, and throw in the Super Bowl appearance...and, sure, you can run "inconsistent" up the flagpole in describing the Reid/McNabb era...fact of the matter is that the Eagles were the hallmark of consistency for a half-decade, but it gets thrown out the window because they didn't win a Super Bowl.

Also add in the caveat that statistically McNabb has been one of the most consistent QBs in football in recent years. Perhaps you don't think that's good enough, but it remains a fact.

This line of reasoning continues to live inside a bubble of Philadelphia insularity, with little recognition of what is happening in the rest of the NFL. Would you rather be Dallas during the Reid/McNabb era? How about Washington?--the Jeff George season was a LOT of fun! Only team in the division you would trade spots with is the Giants, and they got Manning because of some suckitude during the same sample and came out of nowhere down the stretch last year.

I really do look forward to the McNabb-haters getting a good dose of how much fun it is to go looking for a starting QB in this league that produces anything close to what McNabb has produced...with the consistency he's produced it. It's not as easy as you make it sound.

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