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11-28-2008, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
So what did you learn from this video? Yes the man has great stick handling moves. That's why I picked him to show you in the first video. I love that fake to the left side of the goalie, then toe drag to the right side.

However, if you notice in this video, that he was going through the legs a lot. But, when the other guy got him up against the boards and played the body, his fancy stuff got shut down.

Maybe this is a lession for defensemen to watch. "Don't worry about the fancy stickhandling from the guy in front of you, play the body to isolate all that stuff."

In the second video, you see him deke the pants off a guy behind the net. He shifts one way they goes the other. Let me ask this. Would he be able to shift from side to side if the defensemen was playing the body? Maybe! But it would have been a little harder for him to control the puck with a defensemen riding his back.

Plus, it looks like his stick is about three inches too long. Look at the last video when it starts off. Check the stick length. Does it look high? Yes I know stick length is a personal preference, but they (the committee) says that while you are on skates, the end of the stick goes to the chin and while you are in shoes, the end of the stick goes to your nose.

Well, it looks like that extra three inches gives him more room to play with. What do you guys think?

Head coach
To be honest, I hadn't even thought about half of that stuff. That's why you're the expert

The main thing I picked up from the videos is positioning and control of the puck. The trick seems to be to move the puck past the defender (be it though the legs, around the body, or between the stick and the body) and to detach yourself from the puck temporarily when up against a defenceman. If the defenceman plays the puck you're set, because you can easily get around and just lift his stick, or grab the puck from between his legs. If the defenceman plays the body, you pretty much need to be able to dodge his bump/hit and get control of the puck again.

I play D a lot more than I play forward... and when I play forward I usually just throw the puck along the boards and chase after it instead of trying to beat the defender. If my team can build up a good lead tonight I may try some moves as a forward.

The rule of thumb for a D man is to play the man, not the puck. Even in a no hitting league you can play the man, as long as you just stand in his space instead of shoving him.

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