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11-28-2008, 05:54 PM
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If you aren't really the strongest stick-handler already just practice your stick-handling as much as you possibly can. Use everything from a heavy stick to a light stick, and use normal ice hockey pucks and heavy pucks, and believe it or not using a golf ball really helps your coordination. Stick handle in tight areas or stick handle in your feet, you'd be surprised how much this can help you when you being pressured by an opponent in the corners.

Once you feel you have made an improvement on your stick-handling and feel comfortable stick handling the puck at a high speed you should start advancing your arsenal of techniques. I'd say start of by practicing the toe drag and just get the technique of dragging the puck towards you down pat. After that you should try some more advanced stuff like the backhand toe drag, some quick stick-handling involving left to right fakes which help you deke out the defenseman sometimes. Be creative with the puck.

Experienced players take dangling or 1 on 1's to a whole different level. When your coming down 1 on 1 with a player there is so much you need to identify first such as: identifying what hand the defender is, what side of the ice you are coming down (your on or off wing), how much ice is the defender giving you, the position of the defenders stick, do you have a speed advantage on the defender, identifying if the defender is crossing-over while hes skating backwards and taking advantage of it by going the opposite way of his cross-over etc.... Then take the appropriate measure to beat the defender by using several different moves.

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