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11-28-2008, 07:59 PM
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Certainly part of it is a natural ability, a big part is confidence and a big part is simply practice. Go out on the rink/pond and play with the puck, most great dekes are improvised IMO, you see something and react and hope with practice your hands are faster then the d-mans. Also a big key to dekeing is balance and body control you may notice a lot of great puck handlers skate with a wide base, makes it easier to shift from side to side.

As far as tips go, most importantly keep your head up. Change speeds when you can, if you see the d-man pivot go right at him, once you get a d-man turning he's in big trouble.

An easy move to work on is going from your stick out wide on your forehand side then tapping it with your backhand off the inside of your left skate, not really a great move to beat a guy with 1-on-1 but its a good move to create a little separation when your coming down along the boards. But like i said just play with the puck and have fun, most dekes are improvised.

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