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11-29-2008, 12:55 AM
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The really scary thing is not the slump, it's the way Carbo is reacting to it. Showing his exasperation at press conferences, threatening to play his 4th line on the PP, then actually doing it a couple of games later. Benching players and promoting others to send a message. That stuff reeks of desperation, and wears off fast. If it doesn't work, the next step is a locker room that tunes out the coach.

It seems obvious to me that Gainey has assembled a roster that can do special things. Especially in this year's Eastern Conference. Yes, the Habs could use another defenceman, but almost every other team in the league has similar or bigger holes in their rosters. We're past the quarter season mark, and the goals against are catching up to the goals for. A large part of the blame has to lie with the coach, for not making the best use of the weapons at his disposal (mostly just getting the right players on the ice at the right time) and not getting the best results out of too many players on his team.

We all know that Carbo is Gainey's man, but as GM, at some point BG has to make a cold, objective decision. If the talent assembled would win more games with an experienced coach, BG has to make the move. I don't think we're at the day of reckoning yet, but it's coming soon if Carbo doesn't turn this thing around.

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