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11-29-2008, 03:20 AM
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I live in Windsor, you can't get much more southern Ontario that that and I have been to Hamilton to see the Bulldogs. The downtown didn't seem bad There are plenty of Habs fans in southern Ontario.

As for the Bulldog game in Montreal, I too can't understand why the game doesn't get more exposure, especially when the team is doing as good as it is. If the game was advertised a little more maybe? But to tell you the truth, i have known about it for a while, can't believe people that live in montreal and post here didn't know about it...If thats the case, how is the regular run of the mill fan going to know about it?

seriously if both the Habs and Dogs were from Windsor(dreaming i know) i would probably go to more Dogs games than Habs games $$$. That way I could go to more games for my dollars. Of Course I would still watch the Habs on my Center ice and go the odd game.

As it stands now, i buy the Hamilton online package, Center Ice, RDS all the sports channels including Leafs TV just so I don't miss any of my teams games or my country's games as Leafs TV sometimes have tourney exhibition games. Recession crisis come and go, it don't mean nuthin cause im not missing Hockey.

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