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11-29-2008, 05:41 AM
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Originally Posted by NewHabsArea View Post
Bégin said after the game that he doesnt understand why the guys arent ready for the games, he said the players are all well prepared before every games, the are watching tapes from the other teams and all but when they start the game, players arent playing the way they are supposed to..

So I guess we can stop blaming Carbo now.. Some players sucks and doesnt work hard enough, that is the ****in prob..
While it may not be Carbonneau's fault they arent playing to their potential, it's his responsbility to make them play harder and better...

Carbo is in the same situation as anyone who has a job with responsabilities. I may not be his fault he'S having problem X or Y, but it's his responsability, his job, to fix thoses problems... it may not be his fault if player X or Y isnt performing, but it's his job to make them perform... if one or two of them arent performing, they'll be traded/waived/whatever... if most of them arent performing, he - being the person in charge - will have questions to awnser... he was hired to make the players (thus the team) perform afterall...

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