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11-29-2008, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by TRAINIAC View Post
Let me start off by saying, I'm a Canes fan through and through, so take this for what you will

I just wanted to say I was really dissapointed in your GDT. I know alot of the time people think they can say whatever they want and that's their choice, but I found multiple comments distasteful and somewhat disgusting imo. I'm sure some of you are gonna say 'get off our board and blah blah blah.' Well it doesn't give you the right to wish physical harm on other players, such as Larose, Ruutu and Pitkanen. Just look one post up if you need a refresher.

Multiple comments were made how you wish they were taken out or punched in the face. And some of this came from a mod, if my recollection serves me right. This, in my opinion is unacceptable and as much as someone might 'hate' another opponent, this is the lowest of the low. You can look through our 'massive' 7-8 page thread and you will never see anything close to the hatred and death threats you guys made. You guys have great players and a great team, but stooping down to bashing our players/wishing them harm and belittling our play by play crew which is probably the most honest and unbiased in the business (imo) is low and cheap. Go to and listen to the play by play of the highlights. I dare you to say John Forslund was bias in any way, he reacted just as much to the philly goals as the canes goals, save the OT winner which justifiably should be more exciting as it decided the game on the spot. When the PHI goal was called back he called the goal properly and then said 'it was a major break for the canes' and so forth. Sure they may have been missed calls here and there. That's expected. He's not an official. No one here is. How many times have you thought there should have been a call that didn't happen. I'd love to hear one of you guys call the game in an unbias fashion. missed calls happen to everyone. Get Over it. Just because at first glance the crew called a hand pass instead of a penalty doesn't mean they are stupid. They were following the puck. That's what they are supposed to do. I've never actually heard a flyers game called by the flyers guys but, you seem to praise them like jesus christ and buddha combined. That's fine, i understand it. You're flyers fans, and they are flyers commentators. They're paid to call flyers games. But don't call us stupid or uneducated in hockey because we love and follow the canes. John Forslund does a hell of a job at what he does and is well respected around the league for it. And certainly don't 'feel pity' on us for having to suffer through John for a play by play guy.

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