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11-29-2008, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
What do you expect me to do? Praise this? It's a monstrosity. There are far more logical ways to deal with what's going on in Habsland right now. So far, Carbonneau has done all the wrong things. Maybe soon he'll run out of incorrect things to do and will be forced to do the right things. Unfortunately, I don't wanna wait until we're out of the play-off picture for that to happen.

How's he going to send a message now, bro? He's got them all starting with useless pluggers. He'll end up putting them on good lines again when the going gets tough and yet no more production occurs? Again, the message is convulated and it makes no sense. You're no longer demoting them, you're in a way promoting themif they play bad. But if they win, then the lines remain the same and how does the message get through?
1. Put A.Kost on RW like you've been whining about all year. Check
2. Brought up D'agostini and gave him a shot like a lot of posters have wanted. Check
3. Put the Kost Bros together on the same line. Check
4. Sitting O'Byrne after his below average play. Check
5. Separated A.Kost from Kovalev. Check
6. Separated Pleks from Kovalev. Check
7. Putting Lang on a line with Kovalev. Check

How is this not sending a message to the team bro? By distributing the 4th liners through out the line up. You're showing the stars that they are not working hard enough.

I don't think these lines are set in stone. But are more to send a message to some players that if you work hard, you get rewarded.

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