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Originally Posted by darrenturcotte#8 View Post
This is likely to be the most unpopular thread of the year, but is anyone else concerned that Hank doesn't seem to step up when it matters most? What I loved about Mike Richter was that the bigger the game or situation, the bigger he played. Richter would keep us in games overtime after overtime until we finally scored. Henrik hasn't been a playoff force at all in his first 3 go arounds. He seems to give up goals late in games and just isn't that clutch. He's a great technical goaltender who gives us a chance to win just about every night. We will likely be a playoff team every season he's between the pipes but to me the difference between a great goaltender and an elite goaltender is how they perform late in games and in the playoffs. Do they elevate their game to the highest level? I have yet to see Henrik elevate his game the way the greats have...
you're comparing a player in his 3rd year to somebody's entire body of work. Also, didnt Richter give up a few game tying last minute goals in the 94 playoffs? games 1/7 of the devils series and game 1 of the finals come to mind. Point is, it happens to everybody.

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