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11-30-2008, 01:06 AM
What's the Pred say?
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The outcome of this game was determined by one single penalty - the roughing minor on Weber. If it was never called, or if a matching roughing was called on Weller, Suter never takes the unsportsmanlike, and as a result, the team maintains its energy and the game likely stays 0-0 through the first period, giving the game a completely different look and possibly a different, or at least closer end result, because we maintain our discipline and don't take so many ludicrous penalties.

Nice play by Weber letting Koivu skate right around him for the 5th goal that pretty much dashed any remaining hope we had of winning this game after Ward's double-minor.

Fiddler made a nice hustle play, flipping the puck on net and then swooping in to throw his own rebound at the net. Shame that the player with arguably the least amount of overall talent on the team is the one making those plays, as opposed to say Erat.

PLEASE get Legwand out of the face-off circle. He's the worst face-off man... on the team.

Harding looked shaky, but we never really tested him. Ellis played like absolute crap. He wasn't even close to stopping Bouchard's goal (although he may have been partially screened by Hamhuis).

Hasenfrantz or however you spell his name is a condom failure along the lines of such greats as Dan O'Halloran and Mick McGeough. Awful, awful officiating tonight. They completely missed Harding's horse-collar of Tootoo after the whistle. There should have been a matching roughing penalty when Tootoo was sent to the box, also. Same with Weber, or perhaps the complete opposite.

We dick around with the puck entirely too much to be effective against the trap. A well-designed positional offensive system, good stick-handling and puck control forwards, and at least two solid puck-moving defensemen are needed to break the trap. We really only have one good puck-mover, and that's Suter. Weber, Hamhuis, and Koistinen are average, and Zanon and De Vries suck at it. Acquiring another puck-mover and a solid stick-handling forward will give us a much better matchup against Minnesota.

All four fights were entertaining, even though Weber v Weller and Nichol v Vellieux weren't much in the way of a fight. I'd give the latter to Weber and the former was a draw. Belak v Boogaard goes to Boogaard, and I give Tootoo v Weller to Jordin, but that was a really entertaining scrap. Tootoo can really fire up a crowd.

Nice job by Man Who Play With Stone-ed Hand (Smithson, or at least that's who I thought it was) to completely miss the net on the short-handed rush that led to the second goal. Cannot emphasize it enough after that incident that you MUST GET YOUR SHOTS ON NET, even if it's just a low shot that hops off the pads. It has a better chance of going in than aiming for the corners Zidlicky-style.

Mikko Koivu is one hell of a hockey player. He had an outstanding game tonight, as did Miettinen and Bouchard.

How long have the Wild been using Burns as a forward? I know he's been up there for a couple of games now, but I wasn't sure if it hadn't been a bit longer.

Third goal was a combination of a defensive breakdown (believe it was Erat that left his man open, who then crashed the net) and some nice tic-tac-toe puck movement by the Wild.

Credit to Minnesota, they took advantage of every opportunity given them to generate scoring chances. We, on the other hand, looked like a team that had played last night in another time zone, then got drunk with some of our fans and maybe traded a jersey or two here or there.

We've played better games than this, so I'm confident we can turn things around... but a frustrating loss, to be certain.

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