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11-30-2008, 11:21 AM
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I hate Benoit Brunet

I can't take Benoit Brunet's "commentaries" anymore! His man-love for Lats and Begin and his hate for non-Quebecois (especially Russian) players is too much to bear. He is more negative than any posters here if that's possible.

He was no more than a soft 4th line pylon when he played and now he's the "expert" on RDS!?! He mumbles and bumbles when trying to speak and repeats himself all the time. He's worse than Yvon Pednault and makes it unbearable to watch the games on RDS. Yes Sergei had some bad penalties... I think we got the message the 23rd time he said that if he was coach, Sergei wouldn't be playing. Lats stands to the side of the net and is praised for being there... but having done nothing.

Is he on a one-year contract?

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