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11-30-2008, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by TheFly View Post
Um so what? The organization was never afraid to let someone go before, and a lot of those players did well elsewhere, I just don't why we have to be handcuffed by Latendresse. I see people offering up Higgins, it's ok, I've seen some people offer the Kostitsyns, not much backlash, but why do we have to worry that we're going to trade Latendresse?

I just don't get the hype. I really honestly don't. Yes he's playing well, but he's not playing 40 goal scorer powerforward superstar well. He's not even playing 25 goal scorer well. To me he just looks like any other grinder with slightly better hands.

If we have to be afraid to move a player for a nessecity for our team because of a backlash, then this organization is going nowhere.

If Dallas fans could forgive about Jarome Iginla being traded, then I don't see why we can't do the same for Latendresse.

This Latendresse thing is getting annoying, I feel like it's a burden on the team and the fan base, the whole situation would be so much more easier if he were gone so people can stop b****ing and stop overhyping!

Latendresse reminds of Steve Bernier, everyone is hoping for something that won't come.
First off, yea some people here talk about trading Higgins, others the Kost broz, some even Plek. But don't act like nobody even mentioned trading Lats, just look at you, you seem to support the idea.
So there are people like you as well, that are willing to let him go.
There are people that are for or against trading X or Y player.
Nothing new here, can't expect everyone to agree with everything.

Second, yes Lats is not playing as a 40GS PF Superstar, nor was he ever supposed to be that. Agreed, he's not even performing as a 25GS either, but if you want to say that, you can say nobody other than Tanguay and Koivu is playing like it.

If Latendresse can fetch us a similar return to a Nieuwendyk that won the Conn Smythe and still put up 30+..35+..25+..20+ Goals in all but 2season with the Stars, then yea I'm all for that trade.
Iginla was a high pick prospect. Latendresse is in his 3rd Season, and has not yet have the chance of playing regularly on a top line.
This guy has been moving from 4th to 2nd to 1st to 3rd to scratched to 4th to 3rd...since his first NHL Game. How can a player be consistent when he's moved that much?..I don't feel we're doing much to get the most out of him.

I don't think Lats can fetch us a big player, if he can, then I'm all ears for a trade. He's far from being untouchable.

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