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07-17-2004, 12:58 PM
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Development camp Saturday 17th

I was there for the first time today, (I'll go back with my father tomorrow) and saw some interesting things.

Again there was no scrimmages today, only that elastic exercise and some 2 on 1, 3 on 0, 1 on 1 and so on....

First of all, guess who shows win Mr. Ribs himself. I arrived only at 9:40 this morning so I saw a good 20 minutes of his majesty missing a lot of his passes, didn't do any special moves or anything and left quite early... and didn't comeback for the second part of the afternoon. Anyway, he's obviously at the beginning of his training so let's not be to harsh on him. Dagenais was not there today.

Kast and Archer didn't show up all day, with Kast leaving early yesterday this sounds like an injury alright, I was really looking forward to see him and Archer, saw Archer outside at the end of the practice, he probably did some off the ice exercise but he had some trouble walking, so maybe a groin injury for him but for Kast, I don't know, hope somebody had the pleasure of talking to Savard, who was there today and he even conducted the 2nd part practice with all the players.


The best goaltender of the day award is.......LACASSE. I was sitting close to Lacasse/Halak net all day so I saw a lot of both goalies and Lacasse really surprise me today. He was fast, making some big saves, at one point he was quite unbeatable. Definately not the Lacasse of the past week 'cause he had a tremendous day. Danis and Heino were very good as well, Danis is technically very good always at the right place at the right time but he didn't stood out like Lacasse did. Same for Heino, he didn't stood out but he's definately a good goalie, very fast, very energetic and competitive, I like the kid. Made some very good saves as well. But le ''citron or lemon'' prize of the day goes to Halak. Definately not his day today, remember the goal he gave last championship, 5-hole, he let 5 to 10 goals like that today, was completely alone all day, didn't act like he cared too much. At one point, all 3 goalies were listening to Melanson close to a net, he was close to the blue line looking at the opposite net until he realized 2 minutes after that maybe his place was with the other goalies. I understand he probably doesn't understand english but he should at least try to blend in, he didn't do that today. Very very bad day for him but I guess we all have one at one point or another.

D-MEN: People we have a very good defensive corps to come. We have 2 winners today: O'BYRE AND COTE. My god O'Byrne is huge, I know everybody says that but I've got to agree and he's fast, makes some good first passes, this guy has everything to become a real NHL'er and maybe sooner than late. Really funny how he manhandled everybody that faced him on these 1-1. Ferland looked like a Pee-Wee against him. But Coté deserves the credit today as well. That guy needs to be signed now, he's mean, big, quite fast and today those 1-1 were his thing. Korpikari was impressive as well, and I like that he has a little mean side to him. He's quite tall and big as well and he will too become a good D-men soon. Flood, he's OK, relatively calm, not as stand-out as the others but did his job today. Dulac, that Valeri Bure look-a-like(his face not his skating...) looked OK today, he's quite tall guy, his skating is average he wasn't as bad as expected but definately not stood out today.Magnan, well you can forget about him.


Today's winners: CHIPPY I really liked what I saw from him. Worked hard, win his battles most of the time, he doesn't have the greatest shot but not as bad as anticipated and is a real time leader already, speaks to everybody and he doesn't look out of place at all. Seems to have a great chemistry with Bonneau ( not hockey wise but friendly wise) and this guy will an important asset of our team for sure. Needs time though, but like everyone else in that camp.

Dissapointments: Larrivée, Ferland and the Stewarts... For a guy that's been in that camp for the past 5 years, Larrivée doesn't show he's willing to do everything to compete. He has the frame but doesn't use it and this is a guy that I had to really try to find him or else you don't notice him. Ferland, anyone who was there saw him? He didn't win a lot of his battles today, I was expecting more, but he didn't gave us anything. Didn't see a lot of Danny S., he was slower than expected today and didn't do much, I expected more but like in Ferland's case, didn't have a good day, and I saw too much of Greg S. and today he looked like a try-out to me. You can't pass a judgement on one day, I understand, but based on today, I have no idea what they saw on that guy.

Good and Bad: Locke, Urquhart, Lambert, Bonneau, Lapierre. Locke is a talented player, we know that but when it comes to push and shove, he's not there. But what I like about him is that he really looked frustrated everytime it didn't go his way, he likes to compete and it shows, so don't count him out but he really looked tired today. Urquhart has tons of talent as well but you can forget him being a force along the boards like we all know. Korpikari and Coté had a lot of fun against him today. Lambert another talented player but a little lazy today but again so talented, definately a good player with some beautiful shots today. Bonneau is Bonneau, gives his best, scored some nice goals, funny guy to watch on the ice, team player and all but, like you all know, talent is limited. And last one, Lapierre, I like him a lot, quite fast, good hockey sense, works hard, gritty but didn't show too much of that aspect today. I didn't see him a lot, I will focus on him tomorrow but what I saw was neither good nor bad.

TRY-OUTS: Labelle is the best try-out for me but again that doesn't mean he should be sign 10 millions for 2 years. He's quite fast, good goals, especially the last one of the practise, a few people there start applauding him, maybe his family but it was a nice goal. Petit is OK but he is petit(small), Magnan does his job but we don't need him. As far as Godin goes, he was definately not on the same pace the others were. You can forget about him and fast, definately the worst player on the ice today.

Sorry for the extra long report, it was a fun day, it was full pack of people for the 2nd part of the practice so I guess some of you were there. Will see you guys tomorrow for the last day, hoping we'll have a game to watch, though with all the players being hurt, I guess we won't.

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