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11-30-2008, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by smacklby View Post
i'm not even going to answer your question, since there is no sense to it, at all....

otherwise, i was just pointing out the obvious observation, and not making an issue out of it, just to set things straight.... nor am i disappointed in Carle, at all.... regardless, if he reads and reacts quicker on Samsanov, he would have been capable of preventing him from getting to our crease; that's all i was saying....
I am a flyers fan because of Carle....I saw him play at DU for three years. I want to see him succeed at the NHL level SO BAD, because he is a good kid. But, I am starting to have doubts. His old weaknesses are rearing their heads again, namely, speed. He just doesn't have it. He just can't keep up with the big boys. He makes good passes and can score a goal here and there, but I just KNOW where this is going, and that's nowhere. I have to admit, I'm ready to capitulate on this guy and it kills me.

I don't want to spoil what he has done for Philly so far with this rant, but I'm going ****ing insane here. Why doesn't he skate faster and score more goals? For christs sake, how can you be so good your rookie year then stink up the joint. I'm going off the deep end here, but I just see it getting worse. Someone PLEASE talk me off the ledge!

I hate to read the negativity of him on this board, because in some cases it's merited. He needs to stay at home cause he doesn't have the speed to be a two way player which is supposed to be his deal. He just can't do it. Stay at home and make the outlet pass you are capable of Carle, and make the important clear in front of the net. STOP PINCHING! Stop trying to do it all, play within yourself! **** me!

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