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11-30-2008, 06:17 PM
What's the Pred say?
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Originally Posted by Pred303 View Post
a few disagreements on these points..

1) while i see what you're saying on the weber penalty, a guy sticking up for his teammate isn't a bad penalty, especially early in the game.. the backbreaker was the gfollow on suter penalty that handed them the 5 on 3.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not faulting Weber. I didn't understand why Hasenfratz called the roughing penalty to begin with. Stuff like that happens a lot and I rarely, if ever, see a penalty called for an event that starts a fight.

2)legwand won 8 of 14 last night and was good in the faceoff circle. better than fiddler or nichol last night.. add in his clean faceoff win back to koistitnen on the pp was the direct cause of our one pp goal.
Bonk won fewer face-offs because he took fewer face-offs, and he was 7-1 in his 8 draws. Nichol was, admittedly, brutal in the circle last night. He got dominated by Koivu.
Legwand won two face-offs against Pouliot (Minnesota's version of Smithson) who has been worse than Legwand has in the circle this year, and one against Vellieux (the only face-off he took all night). Take out those three and he wins 5 of 11, 45%. Take out his draws against Bouchard (another non-regular on face-offs), and he's still 5-5, which is decent but not where we need him to be on the dot.

3)having "two puck moving forwards" paired together is generally a good recipe for disaster.
I didn't mean having the puck-movers paired together. Hamhuis is an average puck-mover and we need someone that can play alongside him and move the puck well while not being a defensive liability.

4)smithson wasn't on ice for that pk... that was fiddler on the left wing that missed the net and handed them the odd man rush back the other way.. and nichol on the right wing that overcommited into the 3 on 2 to the rush on the pk
I haven't watched the highlights yet, but I heard someone behind me scream "Smithson!" so I went with it.

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