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07-17-2004, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
I hardly think that driving 90 mph around curves qualifies as "just a couple kids in the wrong pl,lace at the wrong time". Heatly knew fully well what he was doing. What if it had been someone related to you that was in the car with him at that time? I doubt that you would be saying "there should be no severe punishment. wheather it is him or anyone else, an accident is an accident"
An accident would have been if he had been driving normal speed and skidded on a patch of ice or rough road or got hit by a person driving recklessly. This may have been an accident, but it could have been easily prevented. I'm sure that Craig McTavish did not mean to kill that person when he was driving either. The crime was done. What Heatly did, while an accident, is still a crime. And last I checked, there are laws against what he did.
Accident or not, what he did was wrong and is punishable by law. He should not be exempt from the law.
first of all if you are going to quote me quote me right, i said wrong place , wrong time," DOING THE WRONG THING"<~~~~~ YOU FOGOT TO ADD THAT IN , NOT TO BE NASTY BUT IF U QOUOTE QUOTE THE WHOLE THIING NOT JUST THE PART U WANT TO READ, U ARE LIKE MY GIRL SHE JUST HEARS WHAT SHE WANTS.

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