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12-01-2008, 12:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Jacob View Post
Everyone else, for all I care, can go. Use the leftover money to go towards extensions for Staal, Letang, and another top-6 winger.
Problem is Jacob.... in that scenario there is NO left over money. None.
You look at our commitments for next season.... say we trade Dupuis and Eaton too as players we don't need and who are too highly paid for peripheral roles. Then sign Staal. For arguments sake lets say he gets 4 and Goligoski and Talbot gets 1.2 million. If we're lucky we can shave that a little, but I don't think so.

With a 0.5 per goalkeeper and Kennedy at 0.75 would put us at 45.3 million.... 10-11 million left depending on the cap... and we have only 15 players signed.

Cooke Staal TFK
XXXX Talbot Godard

Gonchar Letang
Whitney Orpik


There are no top 6 wingers there and only 5 defenders. Say Scuderi is signed for 1.2 as well with us relying on the farm for cover, and Sykora stays for the same as now. I think that would be optimistic, but still. A little more than 6-7 million left with five roster spots and three top 6 wing positions to fill. Add Zigomanis, Jeffrey and maybe Pesonen if we're lucky that he pans out... that'll be close 2.5-3 million surely. Pennies left... three spots to fill, no genuine top 6 winger booster can be signed and Sykora, Pesonen and Talbot would be our likely ones from what we have.

Bottom line: If we want to keep Staal and aren't trading Whitney or Gonchar, there won't be this top6 winger coming. We can't even spend the same as we are today. Its impossible, and I think we should recognize this.

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