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12-01-2008, 09:27 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
I think Brunet exhibits some biase but it's based on familiarity and expectation. He tends to promote players he has a relationship with, note the first name status of some players, Saku and Guillaume.

I find that he considers GL a project, a project taking some heat, but a project nonetheless and he goes out of his way to praise details and strees 'that's what he has to do'.

Koivu, a valued ex teammate that he respects a lot.

Where he falls down is in terms of expectation. I'm not sure he's that far off base though at times. He's been tough on A.Kost., but he's a player expected to break through, have an impact and hasn't always appeared ready to take that step. On his worst night, I still want the puck on his stick ahead of Begin, but Begin has a different yardstick, the talent isn't comparable.

A certain ammount of hometown biase will always happen. He heads on the raod with the team, goes to practice to gauge things, the Begin's and Dandenault's will stop and chat easier than a S.Kost. for reasons of ease. Tougher to be tough when it's like that.

Biase happens, my nephew thought Roy's first name was 'aucune chance pour' because they said that after every goal.

Right now, I just like it when Brunet goes aye ye ye aye during the game, makes me laugh. I hate when it gets down to language though, it makes grey seem black n white.
That's a good point, and I'll agree with most of what you said.

But, is it just me, or is he often really negative with Koivu as well? I used to wonder if something had happened between the two of them when they played together because he was so hard on him early on in the season, despite being one of our top players.

Like you said though, it may come down to expectations.

I also don't mind that he has a few man-crushes on some of his Québec buddies (although, as I stated, I would love if our colour guy could be unbiased), but what bothers me most is that he's so negative with our other players.

The average hockey fan probably can't really tell when a player is playing well or not, and is easily influenced by the commentator. If the commentator never has anything nice to say about Andrei and Sergei, the fans will start disliking them and would easily turn them into the team's scapegoats if we start losing.

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