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And they do play good on 5-on-5 because the system has been changed, and it takes time to adjust. If you haven't noticed this, there is no point in arguing. And it has to do with points. Did you see the losses by the Bruins?? Do you actually realize they went to overtime/shootout about as many times as the Habs??? There effort wasn't great in those games too. Anyway, you are always an eternal with negative bias, probably the opposite of me. Come and see me after the season and tell me who was right.
About as many? Sure. They lost against Rangers and Pittsburgh. We lost against the Isles and Jackets? Who cares how many times 'cause in the end where every point counts, it's winning against teams we should have been able to win that is important. It's winning against teams who we might have to pass to become a better team, not teams behind us. I should have stop responding to you at "ALWAYS NEGATIVE" while I always try to see every side of it, taking strong position on this but ALWAYS being there when I have to eat crow. So don't worry if I'm wrong, I'll be there like I've always been.

And you don't think the Bruins aren't playing over their heads? Its an 82 games season, teams go into good and bad stretches. To base on it right now is hilarious and just silly. Teams use the season to perfect systems they want to use. Who has the best system? There is no ONE best system. Anaheim won two years ago with a totally different system than the Wings. This year, the WIngs have lost against both the Habs and Bruins. You've given your opinion, so now I'll give mine regarding yours : I'll trust professionals way before I'll trust your opinion and if you really look at what the coaches are doing, you'll notice that the Habs are playing differently than last year, defensively. Their 5-on-5 play is much stronger and its not only linked to the adding of Lang and Tanguay. This Bruins team is the same as the one that got eliminated by the Habs in the playoffs, so don't think that the 24 games we've seen so far from both teams is any indication of what will happen. This is the same simplistic logic that made people say "oh Anaheim is so good, they'll win the cup again in the next season" "Oh same-same with Detroit this year". Its A LOT more complicated than that.
To base what on what? I'm just saying I don't like how we're playing and used the "playoffs" example to say that I would be way more at ease with the Boston team then I would be with ours. Is it a problem to find that the Habs might not be the greatest team and that another team might be better? As far as the Bruins team being the same well if you disregard Chara's with a better shoulder, Krejci, Kessel, Lucic and other who are gaining a lot of confidence, if you take for granted that they're finally buying into's Julien's system and so on sure.....Still I'm the one who said almost at the beginning of the year that Julien is a match made in heaven for the Bruins while there was almost a poll to know when he'll be fired.....where are those people now? Players over their heads? Probably. But I also believed we're so not playing to what we're capable of, but then listening to you we are while the coach doesn't think so....And then as far as who to trust you and all that....Well fine, I hope you do. Don't trust my opinion. I really don't care. It is still a message board though where everybody can have an opinion. So I'll take your advice and trust Carbo's opinion who doesn't like what he's seeing contrary to you where everything is fine.

You do realize that a game plan isn't just about the neutral zone right???? Instead of extrapolating this into ""Do you actually believe that we'll start playing the super trap, 5 guys on the blue line type of game against ALL teams?"" which is stupid and not what I said, go reread my comment, and better yet, go read the comments made by the players themselves. They stated they didn't follow THE gameplan against the CAPS, that there are things they did against the WINGS that they didn't do against the CAPS. IT HAD NOTHING to do with the trap. Against Detroit it was not just the trap, it was the way they pressed, the way they opened passing lanes because players were focusing on what their teamates were doing. Geeze, did you ever play hockey??? There are things from game-to-game that don't change in the gameplan even if the neutral zone is handled differently.
Sure. I do realize it. Do believe though that's the main reason why we won. Being able to stop their speed in the neutral zone.

Well if the Ruins are so great, why did they need about as many shootouts?? Why did they lose 4 in shootouts like the Habs??? Your negative bias and doublestandard is so obvious. And it isn't surprising, you've always been like that. And its not a theory. Instead, go look at the stats for shootouts. You'll see the Habs are far from the only ones. And the point was also, that the Habs never loss in overtime, so it is 6 regulation time TOTAL on 23 games. So yeah, they were good 5-on-5, especially considering how bad the PP has been, you can't deny that, no matter how subjective you are. That's one loss every 4 games in regulation and overtime, at a time when the team is still adjusting to a new way of playing, when a lot of top offensive players are snakebitten. To a lot of people, this is a good sign. What will it be like when players get used to this system, when they will get the lucky bounces and the top players will hit the net instead of the other way? And this is another thing you are forgetting, there is luck factor in either win or defeat, and the Habs haven't been lucky so far. I missed one or two games since the start of the season, and its been many factors that tallied those 6 losses. You think Boston didn't look bad on many of their games? I beg to differ. You might wanna go check their games.
Can't believe that your the one asking me to go and check stats, do some research and stop being so negative, while you're accusing of something I'm not and don't verify the facts before doing so. I've always been so negative that I'm not asking for the coach's head.....can't imagine what you think about the others, well I don't imagine it....I already know....As far as a struggling team who has a lot of talent and is snakebitten, well I'll give you that one. That has to do with the way we are playing right now. But I just happen to think, like the coach, that it's more than luck, gods or anything out of their control. Again, in a thread where the firing of a coach is being discussed and while I keep saying that the coach is making good and valid points AND that I don't agree with his firing, you're on my back 'cause I happen to not entirely agree with your points?

Well, when your team is 13-6-4 and some are asking for the coach's head, you should realize that a lot of fans are exagerating, and it is mostly the negative ones.
Well what is your point there, 'cause that's exactly what I'm saying.

Hmm, we did have those, you are not seeing it that way, because you are being extra critical of your own team, while not doing the same of opposing teams. You think all the teams haven't played bad in their losses?? Double-standard, again and again.
How the heck do you know that I'm not critical of other teams? Is that a topic about other teams here? Clearly, I meant that all the teams haven't played bad in their losses....where did you take this, 'cause it's just not true. I'm being critical of my own team 'cause I actually mind about it. Not being critical is either being a cheerleader or not caring at all. I choose to care by giving my comments about what I think works and doesn't....'cause yes, I'm not always negative as you would love to think but prefer not to acknowledge it.....

Voilà. Told you so.
Told me what? That I should not expect my team, in their plan, to improve from previous years? Well it might happen if you're in reconstruction mode, which we are not. And again, it's not the points that I'M referring to but the effort and the desire to pay the price, to win their battles along the boards and I'M not talking about the Kostopoulos and the Bégin of this world. You see a lot of effort and grit. I don't. Case closed. It's called opinions. You don't agree with mine, you find me ALWAYS negative, why do you waste your time responding to me in such length if you totally disrespect the kinda of poster I am. Don't waste your time. There's a nice feature for that. But if you want to talk hockey and have some decent conversation, well you do bring valid points and I wouldn't mind doing it.

No chite. Everybody always wants them to be better. There is no escaping that. But there is a difference between seeing everything as black as you are doing, totally exagerating the team's performance and making it seem like other teams don't have bad games and that other teams always play good 60 minutes, and being patient, seeing the team for what it is doing, instead of imposing your view on how they should play towards meeting your expectations, when it is not even time to have expectations. Oh do you know what? Those teams that play high octane right now will slow down after mid season, and won't have much left in the tank come playoff time. Teams like Boston have no choice of going full gear every game to win. You should find solace in the fact that we have the luxury of saving our energy for when it will be most important.
Well if you would have time to visit this board a little more, in the Bruins are so great thread in the main board, well that's exactly what I'm saying. Bruins problem might be that they could be peaking too soon. And as far as seeing as black as I'M seeing, again, I don't see any armageddon predictions in what I wrote. Not imposing my view, just giving an opinion. As far as expectations, well you're right as far as our opinions are solely based on our expectations. Don't agree that it's NOT the time 'cause it might take time to build a solid work ethic and how about starting at the beginning of the season. It's that critical what's happening now? Of course not! I keep saying it. It doesn't mean that AS OF NOW, I like what I'm seeing. That's all.

To you. Last November, it was the same non-sense been given over and over. And you know what? I was right then, and I'll be right again. Pretentious, no. Patient and objective, yes.
Well you come away pretentious when you keep insulting people 'cause as far as the points you're making, some are quite valid. As far as being the same non-sense, well again try to prove that I was making the same points last year. Don't remember hearing Carbo not knowing what to do at that time of the year.

In the end, I'm not a fan of what I'm seeing. But I'm not saying that Carbo should be fire and that we wil aim for Tavares. But when the coach, still today, is saying that he's worried about some of his guys production, that he keeps trying to have his players have a great work ethic but it goes from one ear to another and he has no idea what to do at this point, I choose to believe ('cause he's the professional) him and be a little worried myself. But everything is not ALL BLACK!

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