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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
It seems like many think that Jay-Bo equals Stanley Cup (not me).
Plus, we have to give up soooo much for him (many teams will offer a lot for him, maybe even more than for Hossa...I'll pass).

There are many dmen (#4 -#5 dmen) in the NHL who can help us (& we can keep our 1st+2nd Round Draft Picks). I would prefer someone more gritty, tougher than Jay-Bo (& at a lesser price).

Lats + __?__ (& maybe something else __?__)
#4 or #5 dman

Lats is up there in hits (stats) and right now that's his only "bread & butter" in the stats column, it really helping us? (no).
Dustin Brown (L.A.) really wants to hit, but Lats is hitting 'cause he feels like he needs to (there is a huge difference there).
Lats will never have that natural mean streak that will make him that PF we need (not LATS fault, but...not ours either). He's going to be good for our salary cap for awhile (maybe for a long while), and...that's all.

I'm kind of tired (fed up) of thinking "he's young and he has good hands".
Our forwards all have to fold back and go the other way every time Lats is on (always the weak link on any line).
If Lats was such a weak link why did Koivu and Tanguay produce so well with him. Tanguay has not done much since Lats has been off that line. Lats can be inconsistant, but so are most 21 year olds, Price is also and he is a supreme talent. O'byrne is 23 and still has a lot of ups and downs. S.Kost has been more down than up so far this year, I'd trade him long before Lats.

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