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12-01-2008, 09:04 PM
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Originally Posted by There's only one 66 View Post
Malkin and Sid are fine. That is true, it seems. However, I think Shero is also less nostalgic than many posters here in terms of trading players we really like for something that can make the team better long term.

Whereas real top 6 wingers is a luxury we can do without (maybe) then it is certainly true also that all the *****ing about Therrien not having this team play to Malkin and Crosby's strengths have a lot to do with not having the personnel up front to play attacking up-and-down hockey. Our wingers are either too slow and wimpish for that or just lack the offensive instincts and puck handling skills.

Staal as a third line center at 4 million is the definition of "luxury you can do without" when you can insert Talbot in his place for less than a third, and get really good pieces back for Staal. Say, something centered on Skille + Brouwer and a pick from Chicago who would love to get their second line center. That would be two top 6 players for us, both of them more physical than anyone we have, big bodied, right handed shots, Skille really fast, Brouwer a tank. You'd lose Staal who is the better player in the deal now and for the foreseeable future, but you already have his adequate replacement and you get two top 6 wingers - for the same price as signing Staal. At least Brouwer is already playing there and Skille would have had a chance in teams where there weren't such an abundance of options and his 1.25 million cap hit wouldn't bring the team over.

I would personally prefer to see Whitney traded if I allow for some sentimentality, but he doesn't bring the same return, and with Gonchar's situation Whitney might be more fundamental long term to Pittsburgh.
It's still about icing the best team, though. Nobody on this team can replace Staal as the third line center. Talbot would fill in, but we would lose an impact player. Trading Whitney is better because we don't lose much if Gonchar, Letang and Goligoski are healthy. And let's not forget the shrewd addition of Boucher. All that makes Whitney far more expendable than Staal imo.

I don't know about having 4 legit top-six wingers with our center constitution, but I think we do NEED 1. And we don't really have one...a consistent one.

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